2013 SOLO Schedule

2013 NEPASCCA Jack Williams Tire Company, INC. Solo Series Schedule:
#01—04/13/13—Brodart Company, 500 Arch Street Williamsport, PA
#02—04/14/13—Brodart Company, 500 Arch Street Williamsport, PA
#03—05/05/13—Glenmaura Plaza, 50 Glenmaura National Blvd Moosic, PA
#04—05/25/13—Schuylkill Mall, Frackville, PA
#05—06/15/13—Pocono Infield East Course, Long Pond, PA (Reg Online!) (Sups)
#06—06/29/13—LCCC Public Safety Training Institute, Nanticoke, PA
#07—07/21/13—Iron Pigs, 1050 IronPigs Way Allentown, PA (Reg Online!)
#08—07/27/13—LCCC Public Safety Training Institute, Nanticoke, PA (Reg Online!)
#09—08/10/13—Pocono Grandstand Parking, Long Pond, PA (Reg Online!)
#10—08/25/13—Weatherly High School, School Alley, Weatherly, PA (Reg Online!)
#11—09/21/13—Pocono Infield East Course, Long Pond, PA (Reg Online!) (Sups)
#12—10/05/13—Brodart Company, 500 Arch Street Williamsport, PA
#13—10/06/13—Brodart Company, 500 Arch Street Williamsport, PA

Important Times to Remember:
Regular Season Events and Test and Tune Events:
—7:00am to 8:30am: Course Setup(if you want to assist in course creation)
—8:00am to 9:00am: Registration, Tech Inspection, and Course Walks
***Competitor must be in line for registration by 9am. Registration after 9am is at the discretion of the Event Chairman. Late fee will apply if approved. **
—9:45am: The REQUIRED Driver’s Meeting (all drivers must attend)
—10:00am: The first car is off the line!

***Please be sure to check this page before each event for any changes, updates, or cancellations.***

Important NEPASCCA Rules/Supplementals to Remember:
—Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to drive, passenger, work, or spectate needs to have a Minor Waiver filled out before or at the event. Parent or guardian signatures are required. You can get a Minor Waiver sheet at a NEPA Solo Event or download a copy from the downloads section of nepascca.org

—We normally run 4 heats throughout the day. Two morning heats and two afternoon heats. Each competitor will run one morning heat and one afternoon heat. You are required to work 1 of the 2 heats that you are not driving. Heat numbers and work assignments can be adjusted prior to the event based on high or low turnout.

—Course walking is available prior to the required 9:45am driver’s meeting and during lunch (if we take a lunch).

—Regular event fees are $35 for SCCA members and $45 for non-SCCA members(Your $45 includes weekend membership to the SCCA). Junior Kart participants, who are also current Annual SCCA Members, are eligible for a $10 discount per event registered. Special events may require slightly higher entry fees. Those events will be online reg ONLY and the pricing will be listed there. Solo Chairs from other regions can be comp’d for regular priced NEPA Solo events. Chairs should email solo@nepascca.org to set up your registration instead of standard online reg.

—If a non-member pays $45 to run a Saturday event, and there is also an event on Sunday in the same weekend, the competitor is only required to pay $35 for Sunday since they are SCCA members until Monday morning.

—Year-end trophies, jackets, and awards are only provided to “Annual SCCA Members”.

—NEPASCCA does online registration for predicted higher turnout events. The schedule above shows which events will offer online registration. Some events will be online reg ONLY. Read the supplementals for that event.

—NEPASCCA normally does not use a sound meter to check exhausts. Safety stewarts and Event Chairs will decide if your car is too loud to run. A “one-time” refund will be available if you can not make the necessary adjustments to quiet your car.

—REFUNDS: Once your car trips the timer for your 1st run on course, you can not longer get a refund for ANY of your entry fee. If you register onsite for the event but do not cross the start timing lights, you will get a full refund that day. If you register online for an event but do not show up, you will be given a credit of your entry fee (minus $5 for administrative costs) for a future NEPASOLO event. If the event is listed as NO REFUNDS (as all Pocono infield road course events will be), there will be no refunds or credits given for that event.

—NEPASCCA has a few loaner helmets if you do not have one. We suggest that you do purchase your own.

—Passengers are allowed at NEPASCCA Solo events. Passenger must be at least 16yo and can prove so with an ID. Passengers are discouraged from using these ride-alongs to help them learn the course (unless the passenger is a novice). Event chairs have the right to prevent passengers or DNF a driver if “unfair advantage” is determined.

—Any driver whose car leaves the lot/course area during a competition run due to driving recklessly or outside of their limits will be asked to leave the event without refund.