The NEPA region of the SCCA hosts 2 types of meetings. One type is a Solo Meeting and the other is a General Meeting.

The Solo Meetings are held as announced on the schedule. Although all SCCA members are invited to attend, the topics of discussion center around Solo. These meetings are generally a bit more laid back than our board meetings. This is a perfect opportunity for all NEPASCCA members (or for those individuals thinking about becoming members) to come out and meet some of our local competitors. The discussions for the evening are very light on the business end of things and heavier on fun. Stop in sometime and see what Solo is all about.

The General Meetings are a little more formal than the Solo Meetings. These meetings are where the business end of the club happens. Most of the important club decisions are made here including nominations for club officers. This is a perfect opportunity for any member to come out and see how the club works “behind the scenes”. This is also a good place to bring up new business and make suggestions to the board. All members are invited to attend.

Unless mentioned otherwise below, all Solo and Board Meetings begin at 7pm