Past SOLO News

Back in 2011, NEPASCCA decided to appoint “Event Chiefs” in order to assist with the smooth running of NEPA events. The chiefs did a great job but some had asked for a better description of the job that they volunteered for. For 2012, we created those descriptions.

NEPASCCA Solo Chief Positions Defined:

Chief of registration
-Be at the registration table from start to finish (approx 8am to 10am)
-Assign assistants to aid with registration
-Set up registration tables.
-Ensure proper forms are filled out (Weekend members/registration paperwork/waivers)
-Ensure competitors are being entered properly in computer
-Assist with classing questions
-Check form inventory and request more from Chairman if needed.
-Verify competitor has credentials to drive (valid license, SCCA membership card, etc)
-Count money collected. Verify money matches entries.
-Be accountable for all money collected until turned over to Chairman at the end of registration with report on number of entries.
-Turn over computer to Chief of Timing for setup.
Chief of timing
-Accept computer from Chief of Registration and verify that all competitors have been entered properly
-Setup timing station (tables/start light)
-Position and line up timers on course. Ensure new batteries.
-Connect timers to laptop
-Ensure that the timing worker is ready to go at the beginning of the heat
-Ensure and train enough timing workers so that you do not have to end up working timing during a heat
-Be available throughout the day if timing problems that cannot be figured out by timing worker or available event staff
-Check times at the end of each heat to ensure all competitors have the proper number of runs logged.
-Print times at the end of 2nd and 4th heats.

Chief of workers
-Work with registration to assign competitors to a work position.
-Be available at the beginning of each heat to ensure assigned workers make it to their proper stations on time
-Be available at the beginning of each heat to ensure that worker tools make it to each station. (radios/flags/extinguishers/cones)
-Be available at the end of each heat to accept radios from workers
-Explain worker “tips” and safety instructions during the driver’s meeting.
-Be available at the end of the event to count and collect all worker tools (radios/flags/extinguishers/brooms)
-Check inventory of worker tools and request from Chairman if tools need repair or replacement
-Instruct/coach/assist workers as needed (course/timing/grid/etc)

Chief of tech
-Ensure that all competing vehicles receive a technical inspection.
-Be available during the day to make judgment if a damaged car can safely continue competition.
-Occasionally watch vehicles performing on course and deal with mechanical issues that can turn into safety issues
-Set up tech station or roam to complete tech for each car.
-Check for loose suspension/engine bay parts/excessive leaking/bad tires (threads, bubbles, snow tires)/bent wheels/unsecured items in car/Helmets
-Make sure cars have the proper window sheets and have been signed off by the proper people.
-Have a jack and jack stands available for more detailed inspections if necessary.

Other Chief Rules:
-Chiefs from the previous season have first chance at maintaining that position for the next season.
-You must attend at least 80% of the scheduled events to maintain your chief status
-Chief benefits can change year to year. See the Solo Chair at the beginning of each season to see what benefits are available.
-Your Chief position is your worker assignment for that event. If you bring on an assistant, your assistant must also be approved per event for the “assisting” to be their worker assignment also.

Welcome Solo people to the 2012 Jack Williams NEPASCCA Solo Series! Special thanks to “Jack Williams Tire and Auto” for once again being our major sponsor for the season. A few of the happenings for this coming season:
-We are still looking for some minor sponsors. Check the “downloads” section for the forms needed to become a sponsor.
-There is still a plan to do a small non-points event at Droptoberfest in October.
-Still looking for new lots. If anyone has any information or even better yet, an “in” for a lot, please email
Thank you and have a great 2012 season! —Chris Haydu Solo Chairman

Welcome Solo people to the 2009 Jack Williams NEPASCCA Solo Series! Special thanks to “Jack Williams Tire and Auto” for once again being our major sponsor for the season. A few of the happenings for this coming season:
-Our first event is April 25th (Saturday).
-We are still looking for some minor sponsors. Check the “downloads” section for the forms needed to become a sponsor.
-There is still a plan to do a small non-points event at Droptoberfest in October.
-Still looking for new lots. If anyone has any information or even better yet, an “in” for a lot, please email Jeremy at
Thank you and have a great 2009 season! —Chris Haydu Solo Chairman

Hello Everyone!!! The 2008 Season is upon us now. Our main sponsor for 2008 is Jack Williams. We have sponsorships available for the 2008 season. Go to the download section of our website ans click on the sponsor download. I am asking if everyone that participates can get at least a $25.00 sponsor for 2008. This will help keep our running costs down and allow for the purchase of new equiptment. Our first event this year is April 20th!!! Any person interested in one of our “Chief” positions, please let me know. Positions available are “Timing and Scoring” “Grid” “Workers”. Anyone interested please e-mail or call me ASAP. Those were Chiefs last year, let me know what your intentions are for the 2008 season. We are working on new lots for the 2008 season that will be posted soon. Thank you and have a great 2008 season—Jeremy Sereyka Solo Chairman

Hello everyone, Our 2007 Solo Season is upon us. We have a tentative schedule available. If anyone knows any new lots or people we can approach about a lot, please contact me. We also have positions available for the 2007 season: Chief of Workers (Ron SIBULSKY), Chief of Grid (Andy BOWER), Chief of Timing and Scoring (Available), Charimans (Chris JANUSZ, Chris HAYDU, Andy BOWER, Ron SIBULSKY, Jeremy SEREYKA, ****More Available****). Sponsorship is now available!!! If every member can get at least one sponsorship, this will help our 2007 Season dramatically. You can download the form from the downloads section of our website. Any questions, please call me!!! Thank You—Jeremy Sereyka (Solo Chair)

Hello everyone. Our 2006 major sponsor is Jack Williams Tire and Auto Service Center. They now have Nitrogen tire filling. They can also fill an air tank full of nitrogen. When you go to The Jack Williams Center, make sure you go to the Performance Department, far corner of the showroom in Kingston. They will mount/balance any tire you bring in. Make sure to tell them you are an SCCA Member & show them your card. They will give you a discount and great service!!! If you go to the regular counter, they may turn you away. GO TO THE AUTO-ADDICTION / PERFORMANCE SECTION & TELL THEM YOU ARE AN SCCA MEMBER!!!! Remeber, even if you go there for regular service, tell them you are an SCCA Member. Support our main sponsor this year JACK WILLIAMS. Thank You! -Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

Hello Everyone. The 2006 Solo 2 series is almost here. If anyone knows of or wants to sponsor our Solo 2 Series for 2006, please e-mail or call me. Sponsorships start out at $25.00. You can even buy a sponsor for yourself, or someone else. “Go *** Race Group 2006!!!”. Remember, this money goes towards our equipment and other items needed to run our Solo program. Thank You!!-Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

Congrats to everyone for making the 2004 RedShift Motorsports Solo2 season a great success. I’ll see you at the banquet! -Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great job in making our 2004 Solo 2 Series run smoothly. We are getting more vehicles compared to last year.
Keep in mind that our major sponsor, Red Shift Motorsports, can help you with any automotive need that you may have. If they can’t help you, they’ll point you in the right direction. Exhaust, intakes, new engines, tires, you name it and they do just about everything.
Solo 2 rule books will be for sale @ every Solo 2 Event. T-Shirts will also be available for $10.00 each. -Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

The first NEPASCCA Redshift Motorsports Solo2 Event of the 2004 regular season will be held on Sunday April 18th in the Sears parking lot at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Twp., PA. The weather is supposed to be beautiful so come out for a fun day. I would also like to announce our Major Sponsor for the 2004 NEPASCCA Solo2 Season, Redshift Motorsports. Redshift will also be attending Sunday’s event with their new DYNO if anyone wants to give it a shot and take a few runs.

Important times for this year’s events:
Setup(if you want to assist in course creation) is between 7am and 8:30am.
Registration and Tech Inspection is between 8:30am and 9:30am.
The REQUIRED Driver’s Meeting is around 9:45am
The first car is off the line is approximately at 10:00am.
Good Luck and I hope to see you there! -Jeremy Sereyka (Solo2 Chair)

All of the 2004 Solo2 Winter Series results have been posted on the Solo2 “Results” page. -Webmaster

The 2004 Solo2 Schedule has now been posted. -Webmaster

Sorry I haven’t been on the web much. I just fixed my computer and got my web service back up. We have the 2004 schedule finished. Chris should be posting it shortly on the web. I am trying for a new lot in August, we’ll see what happens.
Anyone interested in Sponsoring our program for 2004, give me an e-mail or a call 570-760-5888. We have several new sponsors for 2004. Looking forward to many more.
Anyone interested in being a chief for 2004, let me know. Available positions are:
1. Chief of Workers
2. Chief of Grid
3. Chief of Tech. (morning duty)
4. Chief of Registration (morning duty)
More than 1 person can be a chief. More participation, the easier things go.
If you would like to be a Solo 2 Chairman for an event, let me know. It is very rewarding and fun. -Jeremy Sereyka

Welcome Back Solo2 Competitors!! Good Luck in the 2004 season! The first Solo2 event will be this coming weekend on Sunday February 1st in Frackville PA at the Frackville Mall. Dress warm! Just like last year for the Winter Series events, registration opens around 10 or 10:30am and the first car is off around 11am. If you have any preparations to do, please show up early as not to hold up the event. We will attempt to get alot of runs in and have you on your way back home before it starts to get dark or too cold. There will be 3 classes of vehicles (FWD, RWD, and AWD) and the price will remain the same as last year. $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Remember, studded tires are not permitted. -Webmaster