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The 2006 Giant’s Despair Hill Climb will be held July 7-9. It will mark the 100th year anniversary for the hill. If anyone is interested in placing an ad in this year’s program, click HERE or go to the DOWNLOADS section of the webpage to download the “ad form”. All of the necessary contact information is also on the form. Also if you have any content for the program that you would like to contribute it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for articles on Hillclimbing, SCCA, and Giant’s history/experience/lessons learned etc. I would also love to publish any old pictures you may have from this event. Sincerely, Apryl Danko

2006 Spring Jefferson Circuit Time Trials – Summit Point, WV
Hi Everyone,
I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get the itch to race with this great weather were having now. Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway, WV is the place to be on May 27-28, 2006. This year will be even better then last year, if that’s possible. The NEPA Region will be bringing all that great food again that you stuffed yourself with the past few years. Saturday lunch / Supper (Party) , Sunday lunch / Supper will be served. The beverages ALL weekend are included! Yeah even beer after the last car is off the track!!
The entry is $135. before the cutoff date of May 22 ( Postmarked ) after it is $145.
This will also be the first event ran in the new 2006 NEPA Worker Series which there will be cash prizes, shirts, and other prizes awarded to the workers. Worker registration will also be on Friday May 26 from 7-9pm. The series involves accumulating points at each event that NEPA holds. The people that work at least 3 of 4 events will also be awarded jackets, and tickets to the NEPA banquet where they will be honored for there dedication for a job well done.
It’s a premiere weekend of racing, great food, and fun you don’t want to miss. You’ve heard about it, now come and see what you have been missing out on! Click HERE or go to the DOWNLOADS section of the webpage to view/print the worker registration form, event registration, and worker event registration. Please fill the worker forms and mail. They will also all be online at NEPA website at
Any questions please call me or email.
Regards, Tim Royer
NEPA Time Trials Chairman
Email: or Phone: 570-760-2527

Like I said last year, this event just keeps getting better…despite the weather! Last Fall we had the rains of Ivan, and this Spring a heat wave!
Thanks to the efforts of the Weatherly Hillclimb Assoc., Tim Royer and Tom Knorr, we were once again treated to a well-organized and enjoyable event. The NEPA Worker Series provided the necessary personnel to man the course and the event officials kept the days’ activities flowing despite the, at times, oppressive heat and humidity.
Not enough can be said about the untiring efforts of Joe Cyburt and the Weatherly Hillclimb Assoc. It is their work that makes this event one you don’t want to miss- Spring or Fall!
Weatherly Hillclimb is a LEVEL 4 event in the TIME TRIALS Program found in the CLUB RACING Dept. of the SCCA.
Sixty-two competitors in thirty-two classes set six class records over the course of two days of timed runs up the demanding hill, and there were no complaints about the number of runs.
Registration and Tech Inspection in Eurana Park on Friday evening opened the weekend’s activities followed by the always popular “boathouse party.” Great food, beverages, and the chance to share “war stories” with friends and fellow competitors heighten the evening’s festivities.
Saturday morning arrived clear and sunny…and hot and humid!
Following the Drivers’ meeting, familiarization runs began, followed by timed runs – interspersed with a lunch break, which continued through the day. There were no major “incidents” to mar the day’s runs up the hill.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the town’s various civic groups that operated the different food stands over the weekend. A variety of tasty and filling treats made sure that no one would go hungry- forget the diet, think cream puffs!
Saturday night’s party at the Fire House gave everyone another opportunity to eat, drink, and discuss the day’s happenings with other drivers and enthusiasts.
Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny…and hot…well, maybe not as hot as Saturday, but almost.
Timed runs commenced right after the Driver’s meeting and continued through the day, stopping only for midday festivities and lunch. Again, there were no major “incidents”, and by late afternoon, the announcer was calling for cars as the field dwindled. I defy anyone to say they didn’t get enough timed runs!
The following drivers set class records in their respective classes: in SSC, Mike Ancas set a record at 64.634; in ITE, Gordon Wise at 58.442; in STMOD 2, at 61.153, Jeff Fazio; in GT LITE, Don McLaughlin at 65.726; in RALLY, Al Corazza at 62.106; and in HIST 2, Peter Stillwell at 63.094. Darryl Danko set FTD at 53.522 in his FORM ATL.
This year there are 4 teams competing for the Team Championship. The teams are: Team Ballistic, Blind Squirrel Racing, DG Formula and the OTHGPOYP (Over The Hill Gang Plus One Young Punk). This should make for an interesting season.
What follows are some observations gleaned on the hill… so what driver came rumbling up the pit road at 7am with his radio blaring? I won’t tell…Jack. Bob Oswald, Sr. got to play in a FWD…how was it? Tony Ford has a Neon, where’s the Torino? John Champion has a new car…sorry about the Scirocco. Matt Schweitzer beat Joe Behrends in Joe’s car- for the second time! It’s good to see “Homer” Simpson back on the hill. Al Corazza broke the hill record he set last year as a novice. The Pitmans are still at it, with dad taking the win this time. John Stinsmen got back on the hill with the help of Ted Klaus and some grinding. Hope you’re feeling better, Morgan. The trolls got Chuck Christ’s Saab. This time the front trunk was unpacked… 2 days in multi-layer nomex in this heat has to be experienced.
Thanks to the Weatherly Hillclimb Assoc., the NEPA Series workers, the event officials and the competitors for another great event this season; that’s two in a row! See you at the Pagoda!
Joe Foering #37

This year’s Spring Jefferson proved to be as enjoyable and competitive an event as it has been in the past with some notable changes…The event is now part of SCCA’s CLUB RACING under its’ Time Trials division (formerly SOLO I), it is a LEVEL 3 event (Hillclimbs are a LEVEL 4), and there were 68 competitors, including approx. 20 novices!
Last years’ event had 48 competitors. If this years’ turnout at Jeff. is any indicator, we’re in for a great season!
Once again, Tim Royer and the Danko’s put on a super event! The food was delicious (and plentiful), the weather for the most part was good, and there were no major incidents to mar what has become an eagerly anticipated series opener.
Sixty-eight drivers competed in thirty-one classes setting eight class records over the clockwise course.
The large number of pre-registrations gave some indication of the anticipated turnout, and the paddock area filled rapidly with racers and their vehicles on Friday evening.
Saturday morning dawned clear, and, after the Driver’s meeting, familiarization laps began and continued until the lunch break where the Danko’s provided a delectable repast.
We were treated to the one rain shower of the weekend following lunch, but the rains passed quickly and the decision was made to start timed runs on the rapidly drying track. All competitors had the opportunity to take 3 timed laps before the track was closed for the day.
Saturday night’s party was a gustatorial delight, with a variety of tasty entrees, followed by dessert. The evening was spent in the company of fellow enthusiasts recounting the day’s events and the promise of Sunday’s further challenges.
Sunday proved to be a beautiful day, and, after a brief Driver’s meeting, timed runs began at 9:15!
With over 65 drivers competing, everyone was able to have one set of timed runs before the midday break.
Lunch was both tasty and bountiful, thanks again to the Dankos. Times runs continued through the afternoon, with no major incidents, and competitors were able to attempt at least five additional timed laps before the track was closed.
The following drivers set class records in their respective classes: in ITA, Matt Rowe set a new record of 62.541; in ITE, Gordon Wise set a new record of 57.935; in GT-LITE (formerly GT 4 & 5), Bob Oswald, Sr. set a record at 61.658; in SOLO V, Bob Oswald, Jr. set a new record at 58.604; in CSR, Paul Taschner set a new record at 55.147; in HIST 1, Rich Rock set a new record of 62.906; in VINT 3, Tom Hartman set a new record at 74.512; and in SPEC MIATA, Don Newcomer set a new record of 63.417.
What follows are some observations on the weekend…The NEPA Worker Series appears to be a success and should eliminate the worker shortage that sometime occurs and will give the workers recognition for the essential role that they play in the successful undertaking of an event. Crystal Whisler, driving her grandfather Don DeHart’s RX7 is a third generation competitor, Chris Mower has gotten serious- he put a stick shift in his Chevette, John Champion was in heaven in his BSI Scirocco, Tim Stephens is having entirely too much fun in his wickedly fast MR2, Steve Hirschtritt got a little “hot” under the bonnet, the Spechts are at it again with son Matt loudly accusing his dad, Joe, of “cheating”- just because the car broke while dad was driving, Thor Pitman was no better as he beat his dad, John, by over a second, while it’s often a wise idea to pack a lunch, it’s not a good idea to forget to unpack your trunk before timed laps, Rick Kase walking was painful to watch, Don McLaughlin has a new car in the works, Darryl Danko set FTD at 52.621, and there were 20 new faces which gives hope for a great TIME TRIAL Series.
Thanks again to the Dankos, Tim Royer, the NEPA Series workers, the Kases and all the people, including the competitors, for a super event! See you at Weatherly!
Joe Foering #37

HI Everyone,
My name is Tim Royer, your new Time Trials Chairman. I just wanted to introduce myself and share with you some announcements that you may be interested in. I recently moved into NEPA region from the Blue Mountain Region where I was an active member and on the board. I’m also the event organizer for the Spring Jefferson “Time Trials.” For those of you who have not heard, the SCCA is no longer using the name “Solo1.” Yeah, they went and changed the name on us. “Solo1” is now “Time Trials.” There are more changes for 2005 to the ex-Solo1 program besides simply the name change. Watch this spot for more information.

The first meeting of the Giants Despair Hill Climb Association is on March 5th at the Laurel Run Fire Company in the Council meeting room at 2pm. This is for anyone wishing to help in setting up and running the event. Members, we need you!

This year, the NEPA region is looking into having a “Workers Series” for NEPA hosted Time Trials (there are now 5). Besides the possibility of cash, prizes, or both to be handed out to workers for each event, each worker will also acquire points for working. Then, at the end of the year, we are looking into a “Worker Series Banquet.” Details and guidelines still need to be worked out so stay tuned! To start things off, I’ll even give everyone who shows up to the Giants Association meeting 1 point! And if you bring another person along with you, I’ll give you 2 points toward year end award! If you have never worked at a corner station in a race (that’s how I got my start), you don’t know what you’re missing. Any questions, feel free to email me.-Tim Royer (Time Trials)

The 2005 Solo1 Schedule has been released! Please check the Solo1 schedule page for updates.

The 2004 Spring Weatherly Hillclimb Mid-Atlantic Time Trial Event will be held on June 12 and 13 in Weatherly PA. You can get a copy of the entry form either by clicking HERE or by going to the “Downloads” page located on this site. For even more information on Weatherly and other area Hillclimbs, click on