2008 SOLO Results

2008 Jack Williams Tire Company, INC. NEPASCCA Solo Series Results:


**Official 2008 Jack Williams Solo Series Season Points Standings Webpage**

Or download the Points Standings in Excel 2007 .xlsx format

NEPASCCA Solo Series Class Championship Rules:
In order to be eligible for a “class trophy” at the end of the season, you must be a current annual SCCA member (not a weekend member), have completed all of your “work assignments” throughout the season, and have run your class in at least 6 different NEPASCCA Solo events. The “Class Champion” is decided by the driver who has the most number of points at the end of the season from your 6 best events. If there is a tie, we will add your points from your 7 best events and so on until we reach the total number of events for the season. If still a tie, we will add up all of your PAX times for the season and the lowest PAX time will be given the title of “class champion.” Points are distributed per event in the following order:
10 points — 1st
8 points — 2nd
6 points — 3rd
4 points — 4th
2 points — 5th
1 point — 6th or more