Solo Event #7 Date Change

The date of NEPASCCA Solo Event #7 at the Mohegan Sun Arena has been changed from July 21st to July 28th.  The official schedule has been updated.

Good Luck NEPASCCA Competitors!

Whether you are going Road Racing or participating in our Time Trials or Solo programs, GOOD LUCK in 2019! –NEPASCCA Board Members (Steve, Hughie, Matt, Jeremy, Chris, Cody)

2019 Solo Welcome Back Pizza Party

The 2019 Solo Welcome Back Pizza Party will be on Wednesday March 27th at 6pm at Norm’s Pizza.  All Solo people (current or interested for 2019) are invited.  Pizza and beverages will be provided by NEPASCCA.  Hope to see you there! Address: 275 N Sherman St,...

Track Night In America Pocono Raceway Schedule

“Track Night in America” is a program designed by and run by the SCCA National office.  It allows the average person a chance to get their vehicle on different racetracks around the country for a minimal entry fee.  Although NEPASCCA does not handle these...